Get some HeadSpace

I think a large majority of people struggle to obtain the goal of having ‘peace of mind’. Some may be unaware of what this really is and some may have a natural ability to turn the volume down. However, with so much information being bombarded at us every second, of every minute, of every day, it’s hard not to get distracted and let the mind wonder off.

Even when we get into bed at night, it can be difficult to unwind and switch the mind off. I use to use alcohol as a way of relaxing my mind in order to get a ‘good’ nights sleep. I do wonder whether this tendency towards alcohol, that is becoming more and more common in homes across the UK, is our subconscious way of shutting off our busy, busy minds. Certainly people that I know and have talked to about such things have tended to agree. Unfortunately I can’t census the entire UK population on the subject, to my disappointment.

I do not claim to be a wise man, a guru, spiritual master or to even be enlightened. My view on such things is of little consequence here. I merely accept that the first step to becoming enlightened is to understand that there is no such thing as enlightenment.

My own personal mantra and path to understanding is:

I know nothing. I now know something.

I do however, find OSHO to be a man of great wisdom and have accepted much from his teachings and literature, such as from ‘The Book of Understanding’ and ‘Being in Love’. I particularly like one quote:

a beautiful servant,
a dangerous master

There is a skill in being able to differentiate the noise of the mind from the presence and awareness of your conscious-self.

I have spent 36.5 years ‘thinking’ I knew who I am. Then, one day not so long ago, whilst I was meditating, again, I met my true self.

In that instant I knew who I was and I was at peace. I thought this insight lasted for a while, but I slowly began to realise that my ‘mind’ had taken over the show again. I knew something was wrong because I started to feel a sense of unease within myself. I meditated again and reconnected with my conscious self.

I believe we mainly live our lives in a ‘ego’ state of mind and that our ego has 3 components to it. I’ve talked about this before in my post Who is I? Here’s a quick recap…

The ego is based on:

  1. The Personality – This is everything that we ‘think’ have ever experienced. We often confuse this state of mind with consciousness or our conscious-self. It is not. This is how the mind deceives us into believing we are who we think we are, rather than knowing who we are.
  2. The Ego – This is everything that we ‘believe’ to be true. For example; time. Time does not exist, it is a human concept. When you are present, aware and connected to the conscious-self, you know that the only thing that every truly exists is this moment. Have you ever been to the future or the past? Well then.
  3. The Alter-ego – This is everything that you want others to believe about ourselves. For example; I’m like you because we dress the same. When you are present, aware and connected to the conscious-self, you know that the only thing we actually have in common is our consciousness. Everything else is always filter through the eye of the mind, by either human concepts such as time or by our different perceptions and interpretations of reality.

When you finally meet your conscious-self and you realise that you are not the same thing as your mind, you become free. I’m not too convinced that many people actually ascertain this level of awareness, but I hope I’m wrong.

I have had a very busy and active mind my entire life and I still do. I used to meditate because I was looking for some quietness in my head. Now I meditate so that I can witness the noise in my head.

When I become aware that I am not my thoughts or my feelings or my actions, I become connected to my conscious-self and to my higher power. I can live intuitively, without thought, trusting that my higher power, in my case the universe or universal consciousness, will guide me to everything that I need to know. It rarely gives what I want, but when I need to know the answer to something, the universe has a strange way of making the question no long relevant. You come to understand that:

Problems are complicated. Solutions are simple.

Whilst I’m not dismissing my own self-worth and my own hard work that I have put in and will continue to put in in-order to continue to better myself, I must reflect and thank Andy Puddicombe. Andy has a way of letting us teach ourselves how to know the difference between who we are and who we think we are. There is a difference.

If you struggle to find peace of mind or simply want to know more about what all this enlightenment and meditation stuff is about, the best thing you can ever do for yourself is simple Take 10 and get some HeadSpace with Andy.



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