REALiTY is absolutely MiND blowing. If you don’t agree, you are missing something.

Just take a moment to consider that even in today’s technologically sophisticated, globally interconnected world, our greatest collective MiNDS still have no conclusive idea or proof of what REALiTY is or what it’s made of. (The closest I’ve come to a definitive answer is Biocentrism by Robert Lanza.)

Take a further moment to let that sink in. Then realise that the only real proof of reality comes from our direct, subjective, CONSCiOUS experience. Scientific objectivity is great, but when we get to the fundamentals of what is real and how we define real… science is still speculative.

How do you honestly know that this isn’t all just a mental construct, like The Matrix?

The truth is, you don’t. REALiTY is a mental construct, insofar as it is experienced within the confines of the MiND and the physical brain.

You are manifesting your own reality. You are in fact God or more accurately i am God.

Back when I was experiencing my initial WTF Dark Night of the Soul moment, when my EGO met consciousness for the first time, I found all this overwhelming and to be honest, I still do, even with everything that I have experienced since then. The truth of REALiTY is both so simplistic yet so fundamentally overwhelming that many people choose to ignore what is, in fact, right in front of them, hiding in plain sight.


i am manifesting REALiTY.

i exist in all things.

i am NOTHiNG yet i am EVERYTHiNG.

Now I’m not saying that I am God. I’m saying that i am God. There’s a difference, but before I get carried away with delusions of grandeur, let me add a little context to my claims of omnipotence…